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KUC Defrosting Tray Best

Time have changed, and we now rely heavily  on frozen foods. To reduce the time in thawing of meat, seafood or vegetables, you need a defrosting tray. These trays are still not so popular in India and hence, these are quite expensive. Nevertheless, we vouch that if you are regular consumer of frozen foods at home, these thawing trays are gonna save lot of your time.

Best Defrosting Trays

How do defrosting boards work

Most of the defrosting trays are made up of aluminium and these have higher heating capacity. They will draw heat from the air and the surface. Thus, it will aid in the defrosting process.

Two factors you need to consider before purchasing defrosting trays.

  • Material used in the tray
  • Are these easy to clean?

Below are the best defrosting trays available in Indian online market.



KUC Defrosting Tray

The defrost tray is a perfect size and you can defrost 2 steaks at a time. These will reduce the prep time for cooking. The finish is holding up very well on this one and it is easy to clean as well. In short, you don’t need to microwave to defrost and especially nice for items we forgot to take out to defrost earlier.

Best Defrosting Trays


Vonshef defrosting tray

This will help in defrosting your frozen meat food quickly. It is durable and easy to use. It’s less than an inch thick and sports a non-stick coating. This doesn’t require preheating and seems to be chemical free.

Best Defrosting Trays

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