Home is where we feel comfortable. What if the temperature inside makes you uncomfortable? In this situation, the thermostat does its work. Nowadays even the door comes with an automatic smart program. A thermostat is not different, they are WiFi adjustable and smart.

Here we have shortlisted the 5 Best WiFi thermostats.

1. Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat

Best WiFi Thermostat In 2020

Our first suggestion is the Nest. This thermostat will help make your home not only smart but energy efficient. With just a few manual adjustments, the Nest Thermostat can learn your habits and start to save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature. It is a 3rd generation nest learning thermostat and it works with Alexa for voice control. This is complete hands- free equipment. The exciting feature of this nest is that it can use your smart light bulbs to help get your attention in the event of an emergency. Its advanced technology lets your smart washer and dryer to take the data from Nest and run the next load of laundry when energy demand is low.

More features are:

  • READ THE DISPLAY FROM ACROSS THE ROOM: The Nest Thermostat does something new. It’s called Farsight, and it lights up to show you the temperature, weather or time. You can even choose a digital or analog clock face. Farsight is big and bright on the beautiful display – you can see it from across the room.
  • A STYLE FOR EVERY HOME: The Nest Learning Thermostat now comes in four fantastic colors; Copper, Stainless Steel, Black, and White. Choose copper to add a warm touch. Stainless steel is perfect for a classic, versatile look. Black blends in with dark walls and stylish decor. And white looks great in simple, modern homes.


  • WORKS WITH NEST: Nest has worked hard to design thoughtful devices to help keep you safe and secure. Nest devices not only communicate with each other but also with the other smart devices around your home.


2. Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF) Requires C Wire

Best WiFi Thermostat In 2020

Our next pick is from the Honeywell family. It works with Alexa for voice control. It conserves energy and your money by adjusting the temperature automatically when you are not at home. More specifications are:

  • 7-day programming with 4 program periods per day can be configured to meet almost any scheduling scenario for ultimate flexibility
  • Ability to view local weather from web portal or app, Wink App Ready – No Wink Hub Required. Works with virtually any system type. The note-c wire is required and is the primary power source for your thermostat. Without a c wire, your thermostat will not power up
  • In the box, you will find: Thermostat, Wall plate (attached to the thermostat), Screws and anchors, Quick Start Guide, Thermostat ID Card, Wire labels, User Guide, Quick Reference Card
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Yonomi, Wink, and Stringify (devices sold separately)


3. Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat for Smart Home

Best WiFi Thermostat In 2020

Emerson sensi produces the finest and quality Wi-Fi thermostats. This smart thermostat conserves energy cost with features like geofencing, 7 – day flexible scheduling, remote access, and energy usage reports. It is very easy to install. It can be controlled from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet using a free sensi mobile app. When it comes to price, it costs less comparable and worth it. Other features are:

  • GET REBATES: Find utility rebates in your area through the rebate finder at sensi.emerson.com/rebates.
  • MOST INSTALL IN 30 MINUTES OR LESS*: With step-by-step instructions and video tutorials right in the mobile app, most people install Sensi in 30 minutes or less.
  • EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY***: Works with the HVAC equipment found in most homes – a c-wire is required for heat-only, cool-only and heat pump systems without aux. To check system and router compatibility, refer to our online compatibility resources at sensi.emerson.com/compatibility.
  • SMART HOME COMPATIBLE: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit (c-wire required) and Wink smart home platforms.
  • SMART ALERTS: Sensi features smart alerts to help detect extreme temperature and humidity levels in your home.


4. Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-In Alexa

Best WiFi Thermostat In 2020

Our next pick is ecobee4 smart thermostat. This smart thermostat works with algorithms, geofencing, and sensors. Homeowners can save up to 23% annually on heating or cooling costs, plus ecobee pays for itself in under 2 years. It is easy to install and can be controlled from anywhere. More features are:

  • ROOM SENSORS: Place them in the rooms that matter the most and have the temperature balanced throughout your whole home. Measuring both occupancy and temperature, sensors signal your ecobee Smart Thermostat to automatically switch to the right mode for comfort when you’re home or for savings when you’re not. One Room Sensor included, 2-pack sold separately
  • EASILY INSTALL YOURSELF: It only takes about 30 minutes, thanks to an easy to follow installation guide and an in-app step-by-step walkthrough. Everything you need comes in the box, including a Power Extender Kit for homes with no common wire (C-wire).
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Easily adjust your thermostat from wherever you are using your iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) or Android device. The ecobee mobile app is available in the App Store or on Google Play.
  • BUILT-IN ALEXA: Control your thermostat using your voice with built-in Alexa. Ask to play music, hear the news, set a timer, adjust the temperature, and so much more. Wifi connectivity is ieee 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz. Tip-make sure your HVAC panel is fully closed. Some systems will not turn on if the cover panel has not been closed properly


5. Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat

Best WiFi Thermostat In 2020

Personalize your comfort at home and program your thermostat to fit your lifestyle with the Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat. It does its work in conserving energy as well as your money. It is easy to install and can control from anywhere using AI technology. More specifications are:


  • HELP TO SAVE ON YOUR ENERGY BILL – Take the guesswork out of your monthly energy bill as this ENERGY STAR certified thermostat can adjust to your pre-programmed schedule or your energy company’s peak rate pricing. Program permanent, temporary, or vacation settings to help you save while you’re away as well. This Wifi thermostat may also qualify for utility rebates in your area
  • SMART RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY – Learns your home’s heating and cooling cycles to deliver the right temperature when you want it
  • COLOR TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY – Change the color display of the large and easy-to-read to read touch screen to match the style of your home
  • CUSTOMIZABLE PROGRAMMING – Personalize your thermostat to fit your unique lifestyle with easy in-app programming using the schedules of your home, family, or small business. Choose color schemes, heat and cool with HI/LO settings, language preferences (English, French, or Spanish), °C or °F temperature display, 12 or 24-hour clock, auto-fan circulation, and so much more using your iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer
  • EASILY CONTROL ANYWHERE – Effortlessly adjust programs anywhere from your smart devices with the easy-to-use Honeywell app
  • AI TECHNOLOGY – Voice control your Wifi-enabled Honeywell Home thermostat through Alexa or changes settings through Google Home and Apple HomeKit


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